Sunday, March 7, 2010

why she hates fashion

 "A confession – it's been stalking me for years now, this crawling ­disdain for fashion; the certainty that it is not an ally but an enemy. The older I am, the more disenchanted I am with what is meant to make us beautiful."

"How much more feminine to be ­insecure. Run towards the ever-­receding sense of self-acceptance and the promise of love; perhaps this ­collection will fix you! Or this one! And if it doesn't, there will be two more next year, like a bad clock. And always, because designers produce just one tiny dress for all the ­advertising campaigns and magazine editorials, ­because improbable slimness is a ­mirage most women can only weep (and shop) for, came the continual, wicked message – too fat."

A must read article that has raised a lot of controversy. Personally I'm totally against what she wrote.
Fashion is superficial because it's supposed to. I've learned this along the way, and accepted it as it is. Everybody is free to have their own opinion about the issues but I think Tanya exaggerated and her reasons go beyond the excuse that fashion makes women unhappy.

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