Monday, March 8, 2010

Lights, camera, fashion!

8.expressing personality in details

"That's what I love about fashion it's an expression of what you feel and it has no limit to what you can create." mshotpink from Polyvore

Inspiration: movies, music, pictures,quotes and her daily life.

"So this set was inspired by the pictures in the background, all of my sets usually start out this way, whatever pictures I choose dictate what colors I'm going to use or what sort of feel they're going to have.
I like making sets that are wearable,that anyone could probably wear in real life.I would say I would wear 98% of my sets and I wouldn't mind having every item in them either.I think this set represents my style; it's simple but it's still chic. I don't really like to over accessorize I think you can have an amazing outfit with just a few pieces.But that's just me."

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