Tuesday, August 31, 2010

i love wien

what can be more beautiful than a weekend spend in Wien with the one you love?
but don't be jealous... today it was me, tomorrow it can be you.
so as i was telling you i spend last weekend in Wien. such a beautiful capital that fascinates one immediately. since i can't say our country is a must-visit because here are just too many poor people, too many homeless children, too many unhappy adults, the first moment you'll step austrian land you'll know the difference. it's all about the people, their culture and their efforts to preserve and improve what they own. the photos speak volumes...

ps: i wish i could post all the photos we took, maybe tomorrow if i'm in the mood

Friday, August 6, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

fat & fashionable

The other day my boyfriend bought me the August issue of Elle ( Elle is me favorite magazine and he knows), and going through it i found an interesting editorial about the plus-size girls. I must admit that I have always been obsessed over my weight and still struggle to lose a few. Models like Kate Moss and Chanel Iman are the definition of beauty for me because the are super-skinny, and being sincere, I think that's how a woman should look like.
But on the other hand, the truth is we do not look like them, we don't have that amount of money to spend on spa, facial treatments and so on. The thing is that in reality there are many fat girls who are ignored by the fashion industry just because they do not fit in the archetype. They feel the need to hide under baggy clothes and to cover themselves as much as they can, because no matter how hard they may try nobody will treat them like fashion icons. And it's sad because some of them have potential. Just to make an idea browse youngfatandfabulous and leblogdebigbeauty. They are both young girls who despite their size they are happy with their bodies and dare to wear fashionable clothes.

the girls: