Friday, July 30, 2010

falling in and out of fashion

Hi... it's been a really long time since i last talked to you but despite my apparently lack of interest i've been here everyday or almost everyday... just too busy or lazy to post something.
i don't know if today i've finally found something interesting to talk about or i just beet the bush around the tree. but there's definitely something that has caught my eyes and made me overcome my laziness. although my biggest passion is fashion sometimes i'm just not in the mood for fashion. i know... how can i not be in the mood for fashion? but the fact is that the fashion industry is like a wheel that keeps spinning over and over again.
today while surfing i was pleasantly surprised to see some fabulous collection. most of the haute couture shows are really good. there's Armani who managed to capture the old Hollywood glamour and simplicity, Elie Saab's dresses that are stunning (love the colors so much), and Dior who once again inspires us with his colorful outfits and original designs.
also i'm loving this autumn's trends, i just feel the suit me. the fifties style along with the manly outfits are my favorite.
which are your favorite trends for this fall? how about the couture shows?

ps: coming back later to post some pictures....