Thursday, March 25, 2010

fashion is a mask...

Je ne sais pas pourquois but lately my blog has come on second place when it comes to priorities. I'm not an important person, I don't have much to do, I only work on weekends, but still I always find something else to do. I spend a lot of time with my friends doing pretty much nothing, just hanging around, I skip classes (shame on me, I'm not proud of this, and I keep promising myself that it's the last time I do it, and I always seem to fail on keeping my promise).

Today I had an early morning, and while drinking my coffee and browsing the net I was surprised to find out that the fashion world moves on so fast. I know we've talked about this on another occasion, and others have done it too.  But it's a real fact and I can't help myself but notice that it doesn't matter if you are busy, occupied or preoccupied with something else, magazines, because that's what I'm talking about, will keep on moving forward. I think it only passed two days since I've last posted something and today I present you four brand new covers, or at least new for me. 

I must recognize that what bothers me is not the fact that I can't keep up with the fashion world because the rhythm is a little bit too fast for me; what really bothers me is that time is passing by without any notice. Today we are young with no care in the world, partying and fooling around, and the next day we have to provide for two children, raise and educate them. Yes, I'm afraid of getting old, I already feel old and I'm only 20 years old. They say it doesn't matter how old you are but how old you feel, and that the spirit never gets old. Maybe mine already did, or I might as well fantasies but that's how I feel and fashion is my mask, my tool of hiding from who I am and how I feel somtimes, my trick for feeling pretty; and you know what? For me it really works. give it a try, too!
Have a great day and don't forget to enjoy every moment of it !

Natalia Vodianova i D spring 2010 cover
  i-D Natalia Vodianova Spring 2010

Kate Moss Vogue Hommes International Spring 2010 cover 
Kate Moss Vogue Hommes International Spring 2010

Milla Jovovich Harpers Bazaar Singapore April 2010 cover 
Milla Jovovich Harper's Bazaar Singapore April 2010

Natasha Poly Vogue Paris April 2010 cover
   Natasha Poly Vogue Paris April 2010
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