Tuesday, March 16, 2010

keep up with...

Honestly, I'm not what some may call a fashionista. I haven't seen the latest collection from fashion week, I'm way behind with the newest trends and I don't even bother to keep up. But still, I'm what others may call a little fashionista; I like to play dress-up games, I spend hours wondering what I should wear, what goes with what and how to look prettier than the previous day.The reason why I refuse to watch any show from the A\W 2010-2011 collections is because I live the present, I enjoy every moment of spring. Everyone seems to be interested in what we should wear the next season. But guys, it's still spring, we should think about the present not the future. Obviously, designers advertise their collection in order to make a profit but let's face it nobody buys clothes for the next season. Even the blogs are filled with issues about autumn\winter trends, pictures from the runway and so on... But I do want to know what I should wear this spring, don't you?

Diane Kruger Vogue Germany April 2010 via

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