Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tomorrow I'll have my graduation paper and I'm a little bit nervous. :-S. I hope everything will be ok ( that's the reason why I have posted in English, to prepare myself ;)).
Today I went to buy a skirt to wear it tomorrow. My mom was enchanted when I told her I want a skirt and he willingly gave me money for it. In fact it is a vintage skirt (I've never thought that I'll buy vintage and say this on my blog). I actually like the skirt and I'm not ashamed at all.

Tomorrow I'm going to wear sth like this. Unfortunately, just before I leave I'm going to take the skirt from the tailor so I'm kind of anxious. I hope it will look good on me, if not I change it for a pair of dark jeans. I'm not sure about the shoes, the gray ones I wore to my prom, or should I go for classic purple pumps?

ps: Wish me good luck :)

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