Saturday, September 12, 2009

back time when

Along the years Rihanna has left behind her good girl image for becoming a bad girl, just like the song says "Good girl gone bad". But at the end of the day the question is how bad is bad enough? I'm not here to question her life or her decisions but I take myself the liberty to express my opinion about her style.
At the beginning she was a candy girl, then she tread this image for something more bold but apparently she has lost control and her personal style is just a little too edgy. I can't say I don't like how she dresses but the fact that she shaved one side of her head, that she wants to be a tough girl in spite of everything don't really appeal to me. The changes she has made are obvious in every little thing like...

her albums:

her hairstyle:

her style:

I best loved Rihanna's style the first half of this year. She was not over the top, she managed to look good but still very stylish.
Looks I love:

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