Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Look Forward To: Fall 09 Fashion Trend

So fall has to be my favorite season when it comes to clothes. It must be because of the layering, of putting some thoughts into what I am going to wear. I mean during summer is so damn easy, you pull a dress out of your closet, choose a pair of shoes and try as much as you can to look and feel comfy and to avoid the heat. But with the fall is a whole different story. You can do leggings, scarves, overcoats, mix them differently and get a brand new look each time.This is what we should be wearing this fall...

In fact I think that these trends are only bound to refresh our closets and to make us feel fashionable. We don't necessarily have to follow the trends slavishly, we just have to adapt them to our personal style because as The Santorialist said: "For me style is about not being afraid to try something new but being honest enough with yourself that even though "it" might be "fashionable". "it" might not be you."
source: whowhatwear.com

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