Monday, July 27, 2009

summer of the maxi dress

Without doubt one of this summer's must-have is the maxi dress. A hot trend that took over the runways or impressed celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Eva Mendez, Paris Hilton, Rachel Bilson etc. It's just perfect for the hottest summer days or for those of you who have some extra pounds; it goes for pregnant women also ( Angelina Jolie is a future mother that knows how to rock a maxi dress on each occasion) .

  • wear a cardigan or scarves with your maxi dress to keep you warm on cold summer nights;
  • wear headbands for a boho-chic look;
  • for a night look add some big accessories
  • wear a belt over you maxi dress to accentuate your waist;
  • Go buy the maxi dress! ;)

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