Saturday, September 5, 2009

Why Men Love Women

Men love women because they walk down the street erect, always looking straight ahead, never turning round to say thanks or return the smile or compliment we make when they pass by.
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Because they don’t complain about the sacrifices they make for the sake of the ideal of beauty, facing up to waxers, Botox injections and menacing machines in gyms.

Because if they want to know something about their own appearance, they ask other women and don’t bother us with this type of question.
leighton_fans: Jack Chuck Photoshoot
Because in the movies – and only in the movies – they never take a shower before making love with their partners.
Simply Seductive: May 2009

Because they feel compassion, and say "I love you" precisely when they are beginning to love us less, to make up for what we can feel and notice.
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Because they have their own ways of solving problems, which we never understand, and that makes us mad.
Фотограф Murat Suyur (25 фото - 7.81Mb) » Фото, рисунки, арт, лучшие работы мира -

Because they draw and paint their faces with the same concentration as Michelangelo working on the Sistine Chapel.
Série noire (Vogue Paris)

Because they don’t waste hours thinking about how they are going to approach the pretty young man who has just come on the bus.
ru_glamour: Cruising with Jessica Stam

Because they cry their eyes out when they hear the Rolling Stones singing "Angie".
ecstasy_lover: So Stylish, фотограф Craig McDean, 2008
Because they are capable of going to work dressed like men, in their delicate little suits, whereas no man would ever dare go to work wearing a skirt.
Le Smoking

Because they really take seriously everything that is happening in the private lives of celebrities.
Picture of Mischa Barton

Because they smile every time they pass a child.
ru_glamour: Vogue Paris | No Smoking | Patrick Demarchelier

Because they still feel they are adolescents even after they grow old.
Old couple image by i_love_skyler_2008 on Photobucket

Our lives and our thoughts always revolve around them, their bodies and souls are ever-present in our minds. Their femininity, elegance and strength transport us to another world. A woman's laugh touches our soul as well as seeing tears of happiness or sadness in her eyes. Women are the most beautiful and sublime creations in the universe to a man, and they always will be.

A list of opinions and ideas are taken from Paolo Coelho Newsletter.

text source: amolife

PS: The photos are not mine, I have collected them in my Plyvore's gallery. All credit to those who deserve it.

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