Sunday, November 29, 2009

ode to Romania!

On 1st December is the national day of Romania so I decided to bring to light some models and designers that are famous here but which, unfortunately, are very little known outside the boundaries of our country. I have two days ahead, so I'm doing my best, in order to present to you as many new faces as I can.

New or not. For example I was very surprised to find out that famous designers have discovered yet other Romanian models beside Irina Lazareanu. Ioana Timoce is a young girl who started her career at the age of 15 and after only 2 years she presented for Chanel and appeared in magazines such as Glamour, Elle and Harper's Bazaar...and she was also featured on FashionCopious.

Ioana Timoce

"She popped in and out of TheOnes2Watch so quickly she almost went unnoticed! Or was it that she got noticed so fast that an exclusive deal is already under way? Either way Ionana Timoce is bound to leap on to some major runway come this September. She's too special to stay hidden for long. Here is what I know about her so far, she’s Romanian and stands 5' 9", with light brown hair and blue eyes. And is signed with New Madison in Paris. That's kind of it for now, which ads to the mystery. But before her profile was pulled out, to2w had stated that she "already has big interest from major clients"! Could that client be say...Miuccia, for either miu miu or Prada? I wont be surprised, as she always has a keen eye for new faces and likes to reserve them for her self." FashionCopious

Ioana Timoce

Ioana Timoce
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